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Our clients are admitted to the top MBA programs at 3x the average acceptance rates.

Get accepted to your dream MBA program

Admissions directors at the top programs tell us that 75% of applicants are qualified on paper. Yet, less than 20% will get accepted. 

Admission to a top MBA program is ultra-competitive 

and it’s hard to stand out

Let's be real

We know that you’re much more than a combination of GPA and test scores. We help you discover and tell your story in the most authentic way so your application breaks through the clutter. 

Build an application that breaks through the clutter

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For an audience who is reading over 5,000 applications per year

Differentiation is the only way to get that coveted “you’ve been admitted” call.

“Melody is not only incredibly knowledgeable about this ecosystem and what it truly takes to get into top tier programs, but is uniquely committed to her clients at every step of the way…I ended up getting into every single school to which I applied including a crazy reach + dream program that I simply never even thought I would have had a shot at!” 

Kevin C.

A sounding board to solidify your story

Self-reflection and vulnerability can be uncomfortable but that’s exactly what you need to do in order to develop a differentiated application. We help draw out what makes you unique and find the common themes in your background that give reason to your future ambitions.  

An expert in your corner

We know the process inside and out and will be there to guide you every step of the way. That way, you can focus all your efforts where it counts. We maintain the lowest average consultant-to-client ratio (1:4) so we can focus all our efforts on you. 

The collective knowledge of a world class team

What you need to hear, not what you want to hear

A commitment to your success

Collaboration is our secret sauce and our clients benefit from our constant sharing of insights, tips, and best practices. Our team is entirely comprised of top MBA grads and former top MBA admissions directors. 

We will provide direct and actionable feedback that challenges your thinking and pushes you until you’ve put your absolute best foot forward. This makes your application stronger, more genuine, and compelling, and prepares you to succeed as a future MBA student.

We work with clients whom we believe in – and we believe in our process. Our team is incentivized to help you get into the very best schools possible but in the very rare instance it doesn’t work out, we will refund 25% on a 4-school package or greater.

The Vantage Point MBA difference






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“[My Vantage Point MBA consultant] Kristen was an incredible resource to lean on during my MBA application process. I worked on 5 applications with her and received acceptances to 4/5 MBA programs.”

Kasey B.

“I have to highlight how actionable, clear, and prompt Katie’s feedback is. Whether it was in refining my resume for an MBA application or running through many iterations of essays, every piece of feedback I got from Katie was helpful and very clear to action…I highly, highly recommend working with Katie – she truly is the best!”  

Samantha S.

“Caryn and the whole Vantage Point team have been great resources and have helped along each and every step of the admissions process. Personally, I found the validation and the confidence of knowing someone with this expertise to be very valuable and comforting. Having reviewed hundreds of candidates, Caryn aligns and confirms you are putting your best foot forward.”

Mert G.

If you feel like you’re flying blind in the MBA application process, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

We are experts in the MBA admissions process. We give you our roadmap to get you over the finish line and walk with you every step of the way.

Start with a proven roadmap

From a team of experts

That way your learning curve is supercharged and you’re nothing but confident that what you submit is the best it can be. 

Our proven process

“I loved working with [Danielle]! I found her to be extremely thoughtful and knowledgeable. She was great at helping me break down a very long & complex journey into smaller stages. She held me accountable on key deliverables…[and] truly looked out for me, checking in before and after my GMAT attempts, congratulating me after completion of all my submissions, and even helping me decompress when I got anxious.”

Aman B.

Chat with an expert.

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Just because you can go it alone, doesn't mean you should.

You’re proud of what you’ve achieved, but which elements of your profile will resonate best with the admissions committee? It’s hard to know and difficult to think about your own accomplishments objectively. 

Be confident in your story

 We’ll brainstorm with you and find connections between your ‘dots’ - past, present, and future - that you didn’t even know were there.  

Top MBA programs expect you to lay out your career goals with clarity and certainty. But what if you’re not sure where the future will take you? Or, you know where you want to go, but are unsure if your goals will make for a compelling application?

Not to Mention

We have years of experience helping applicants showcase their authentic, most impressive selves.


“[Anna] was an absolute delight to work with! She was tough on me when needed, but also was a friend throughout the process. Where she was the most helpful was in helping me construct my story and think through why I wanted to go to business school. It ended with me being accepted to both Kellogg and Yale SOM. I truly believe that her support and feedback throughout the process was instrumental in my acceptances and am so grateful for her help.”

Will J.

“[Jaime] was an incredibly thoughtful listener and made me feel as though she truly understood me and my values. She took the time to help me craft and articulate my ‘story’ and future ambitions, which ultimately became the foundation of my essays. She helped me think about my application holistically to ensure I highlighted all of the relevant parts of my candidacy and wove them together into a cohesive package. I felt so supported by Jaime throughout the entire process.”

Alexander Q.

Connect with us.

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The right time to take the first step is now. 

If your dream is to get into a top MBA program, hiring an admissions consultant is the best decision you can make.

Is Vantage Point MBA right for you?

For ambitious applicants like you, the cookie cutter, superficial approach you may experience with other consulting firms won’t cut it. 

What you need is a true partner in the application process, laser focused on guiding you, encouraging you, and challenging you at every step.

That’s what sets us apart and that’s why we sell out every year.  

Who this IS for

Young professionals who dream of getting into a top MBA program

Applicants who are seriously committed to doing the work it will take

Folks who are open to feedback and coaching

All types of pre-MBA backgrounds (veterans / active military, management consulting, and investment banking / private equity, tech, family business, public accounting, etc.)

Who this IS NOT for

Folks who are unsure if an MBA is right for them (it’s a big decision and it’s OK to be unsure - we just aren’t ready to work with you until you’re certain)

Applicants who are looking for an essay-writing service (we will never, ever author your materials)

Anyone who is not willing to get a little uncomfortable in order to take their applications to the next level

“Even during the free initial consultation, it was very clear Melody would be 100% invested in helping me put together the best application.”


Yes, this is for me.

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Join our over 800 happy clients, and counting!

You don’t settle for second best, Neither do we

Applying to the top MBA programs leaves very little margin for error. Does this mean that only perfect applicants should apply?

But what that means is that successful applicants will go the extra mile to submit their best application. 

Absolutely noT!

And as a team, that’s what we will challenge, push, and encourage you to do. 

We will be honest when it’s simply not good enough and then ask the right questions to reframe your thinking so progress is inevitable.

“I had worked with two other consultants from different companies on a few other schools before I started working with Kristen and but man Kristen was on a whole different level I didn’t even know that existed. She truly cares and does not stop at mediocrity – she will bring the best out in you. I can’t believe how big a difference she made in my applications.” 


See for yourself why our clients rave about us!

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How do you match consultants to clients?

That process is part art, part science and 100% collaborative. We will start by asking you what qualities and experiences are most important to you in a consultant. We will also share what we believe your greatest focus areas are based on our initial conversation. Lastly, factors like time zone, consultant availability (depending on the time in the cycle), and working style will be added to the decision. From there, we will align that wish list with our team’s extensive resumes and find the most common ground. Sometimes there will be an obvious match and other times there will be more than one option that is equally strong. No matter the outcome, we will share our rationale with you, offer you a chance to chat with your consultant, and give you the final say.

When should I start working with an admissions consultant?

The MBA application process is a marathon, not a sprint. The creative process takes time and there are very few shortcuts. In addition, coaching is not a transaction, it’s a relationship. And that relationship simply takes time to develop. So ideally, we start working with clients who are 6-9 months away from their target deadlines. This allows for a relaxed pace (to minimize stress) and gives us maximum time to impact your profile and application. (It’s much easier to add a little flour to cake batter than it is to do so when the cake is half baked!)

That said, we will meet you where you are in the application process. And if it took you a little longer to decide to engage an admissions consultant, that’s OK. If we believe we can help you, even if there are only 4 weeks before the deadlines, we will gladly take you on as a client and do whatever it takes to get you over the finish line.

How long does the process take?

As long as you have! Parkinson’s Law, the adage that work will expand to fill the time allotted for its completion, applies here. We have a fixed process that is intended to take a minimum of 2-3 months to complete thoroughly. However, we have built in enough flexibility that allows us to compress or expand that timeline as needed. In some cases, if you come to us further along in your application process, we may recommend one of our Amplify Hourly packages that is designed to focus on more narrow segments of our complete process. Be sure to discuss this with our team during your initial consultation.

Do I have to know which schools I’m applying to before I sign up?

Nope! In fact, helping you select your list of target schools is one of our specialties and we’d prefer that you keep an open mind. We find that applicants can be overly reliant on things like rankings and their perception of a school’s ‘brand name’ when choosing where to apply. While these are data points to consider, it’s important to dig deeper with your research AND self-reflection about what you want to get out of the MBA. Only then can you marry the two to determine which schools are a good fit for you. We’ll walk you through this process step-by-step when we begin working together. Then you can make a decision about which schools we will partner on all the way through to the finish line (assuming we aren’t working on all of your schools together - which is ok!).

Can I change my package along the way?

You can absolutely add schools to your Comprehensive Package along the way. In fact, clients often do this once they see how helpful it is to have a partner by their side as they navigate a school’s application. Additionally, if you begin with our Pre-Pack, you can upgrade to a Comprehensive Package and we will credit the amount you’ve already paid towards its cost. Alternatively, you can continue working with your consultant on an a la carte hourly basis at the completion of your Pre-Pack. The same process applies to our Amplify Hourly Packages: once you’ve completed the package, you can continue working with your consultant on an hourly basis (whole hours only). Note that all of the above is pending consultant capacity, but we can virtually always make it work. 

Do I have the chance to receive feedback from other members of the team?

Yes, both formally and informally! Formally, our Comprehensive Packages include an ‘Adcom Trial Run’, where a member of our team who used to work in admissions at a top MBA program reviews your near-final application and provides detailed, actionable feedback. Additionally, if you are applying to HBS and/or Stanford GSB and working with us on your application(s), your Comprehensive Package includes an incremental ‘fit review’ with our School Specialists for these ultra-competitive programs. Informally, we have an active Slack channel where we bounce around ideas, challenges, and the latest insights about top MBA programs. It is also common for our consultants to email one another with specific issues where another set of eyes might help. Our culture of collaboration between team members is our secret sauce!

What do your services cost?

Hiring an admissions consultant is an investment. It’s an investment in yourself and your future career. We take that investment very seriously and treat your application like it is our own. Accordingly, our services are not cheap. But we have carefully curated a menu of packages that accounts for different needs and budgets. While you will discuss our offerings in more detail during your initial consultation, our hourly a la carte services start at $2,575 for 5 hours and our all-inclusive school packages start at $7,900 for one school. Our add-on hourly rate is $425/hour. 

Hi, I’m Melody Jones, President and Co-Founder of Vantage Point MBA and a 5-star rated MBA admissions consultant with nearly a decade of experience coaching applicants to (and now graduates of) HBS, Stanford GSB, Wharton, Columbia Business School, Kellogg, Chicago Booth, and other top MBA programs. 

My mission is to transform the lives and careers of women and men by enabling their dreams of a top MBA. The process I have created with Vantage Point MBA sets up our clients for success not only in the application process but through and beyond their MBA program. 

Building and leading Vantage Point MBA is truly one of the great loves of my life and I look forward to sharing it with you. 

Meet our founder

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